"I've decided to write a review after my fourth visit here. What I appreciate the most about this place is that the staff gives honest professional opinions versus the opinion that's most profitable and that's a quality in a business that I respect. I have had Juvederm done about 6-7 times now, 4 times being here. Maryam inserts the product the least painfully I've experienced this far and I've had about 4 different professionals prior do it in the past. I have a busy work schedule and Maryam always manages to find a way to squeeze me in during the perfect time so I can go back to work and look normal on Monday, sometimes on pretty short notice. I feel like Maryam spends a bit more time on the consultation than some other professionals do which I really like. I used to get one syringe of Juvederm into my lips yearly but I recently decided I wanted to increase the overall size so I have been to Maryam twice this year to make them larger. I am satisfied with my results and my bruising and swelling has been very minimal with Maryam. I would definitely recommend Impressions to others! :)"

Yasmine santa monica, ca