At Impressions MediSpa in Fairfax, VA our Nurse Practitioner can tailor a nutrition plan that will help with your weight loss goals, improve your health and build muscle. Losing weight seems impossible especially as we age, however there is an answer to weight loss which is integrative medicine. Khalil Nader, MSN, FNP takes a holistic, functional approach and integrates behavioral coaching and prescription weight loss program to help you get to your desired weight with lifestyle change.

Diet and exercise is important, however sometimes this is not the only answer for patients. Khalil will do a thorough evaluation and take a look at your blood panels, checking your hormones, vitamin D levels, thyroid, stress/inflammation markers and lifestyle. From there he will provide guidance on medication, exercise routine, vitamins, nutrition and meal planning to help promote weight loss. Often times the every day stressors contribute to weight gain, low energy, anxiety, joint pain and mood swings. Khalil offers a personalized approach to help in replacing lost nutrients and vitamins to help improve energy levels and mood.

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*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.