The best compliments a company can receive is the feedback from their customers. We have received a multitude of them over the years. This has enabled our company to build solid relationships and good rapport with our customers, clients and the communities we serve. The following is a sample of some of the stories from our customers.

I've decided to write a review after my fourth visit here. What I appreciate the most about this place is that the staff gives honest professional opinions versus the opinion that's most profitable and that's a quality in a business that I respect. I have had juvederm done about 6-7 times now, 4 times being here. Maryam inserts the product the least painfully I've experienced this far and I've had about 4 different professionals prior do it in the past. I have a busy work schedule and Maryam always manages to find a way to squeeze me in during the perfect time so I can go back to work and look normal on Monday, sometimes on pretty short notice. I feel like Maryam spends a bit more time on the consultation than some other professionals do which I really like. I used to get one syringe of juvederm into my lips yearly but I recently decided I wanted to increase the overall size so I have been to Maryam twice this year to make them larger. I am satisfied with my results and my bruising and swelling has been very minimal with Maryam. I would definitely recommend Impressions to others! :) Yasmine

Love impressions! I have used their services for few years now. Mariam the nurse is amazing in injections and Botox. I am not one to be easily persuaded by promises however I see results here and only trust Impressions with my beauty needs.  Sadaf

I first met Miriam and Melissa a year ago. I had found Impressions thru an advertisement and not a friend which made me a little nervous, but when I entered the spa it was clean and welcoming. I had called for acne treatments, but when I got there all the brochures made so many services look appealing that I told them I wanted all of it! (I'm not an overdone person btw, but I am impressed with how many non-invasive treatments are available.) Miriam responded by politely suggesting that we focus on what I'd made the appointment for. I look back on this and think it shows real integrity...she could have really taken advantage of my enthusiasm. She's also taken a real interest in helping me with my skin issues including referring me to a doctor when necessary. I would recommend this spa to anyone.  Geneva

I have had a chicken poxs scar on my face for years. I did my reseach on google and learned about different treatments.  I called Impressions and spoke to Mariam and really appreciate how patient she was. I had many questions for her and even though I could tell the office was busy she stayed polite and didn't rush me. I told her I would think about and call back. 
When I called the next day I spoke to another girl in the office Milissa. I have to admit is was pretty first class as she knew I had called in and had a general idea about what I wanted to do. I confirmed my appointment and then went in. 
The office was nice and inviting. I received a proper welcome and didn't have much a wait time. Treatment went great!  I felt comfortable the whole time. I am not a huge reviewer and am new to yelp but everyone this place honestly rocks!  Beau

I have been a customer of Impressions for many years and I love all of their services.  They are the nicest group I've ever dealt with and very fair price wise.  I use to go to my dermatologist and had to wait forever to get services that latest 10 minutes and cost me thousands, now I get right in and pay a fraction and feel so lucky to have come across this office through their add in a local journal.  I trust them and have bad adult acne, botox and filler.  Their botox and filler person is by far the best I've ever seen and has even fixed several friends who went to a plastic surgeon and were not symmetrical!  I highly recommend them to all my family and friends and feel honored they are now my friends too!  Thanks Miriam , AJ and Melissa!  You are all the BEST!  Julie

I am a 54 yo male transitioning to female and felt compelled to tout this wonderful office.  I have been visiting their office over the past month (once for laser hair removal, 6x for electrolysis).  Their staff is wonderful - they understand my needs very well, provide top-notch personal attention to my need to transition gracefully.  My regimen for right now is hair removal, yet I have already consulted with the dermatology expert about options for removing the frown lines and other imperfections in my face - yielding a much more youthful/wholesome appearance.
I cannot say enough for how well their staff has eased my anxiety about the changes I am undergoing - after 1 month of hair removal, I have already recognized a 20% reduction in my facial hair and nearly 50% reduction in my chest hair.  I plan to use their services until all my maleness hair is removed and I wouldn't want anyone else managing this for me.  I wholeheartedly embrace the changes to come and wouldn't want anyone else doing this for me.  Elaine who manages the hair removal is a wonderful woman with a very caring demeanor and deserves all the best accolades for the services she provides.  Frank

My story starts after I got into a skate board accident and had pretty bad scarring on my arm and hip.  After visiting Impressions, I was immediately captured by the knowledge and expertise they had.  That coupled with their personal attention really made me feel I was in the right hands.  I explained to them that I wanted to get rid of the bad scars I had and was recommended for fractional CO2 laser.  
Let's just say, I noticed a huge difference with the very first treatment.  Fast forward, I now just completed my third treatment and the scar is almost completely gone.  
I do admit, I was a bit worried going into this treatment, but after my consultation, I really felt I was in the right hands.  Sure enough, my procedure went very well.  To me great quality and customer service mean a lot, and this place has it.  I would definitely recommend this place!  Aris