Laser Vein Removal

Millions of women are bothered by unsightly spider veins or varicose veins, which make them feel embarrassed to wear shorts, skirts or swimsuits. In the past, this problem could only be solved through painful procedures and surgery, but those days are mercifully over.
Impressions MediSpa provides effective non surgical treatments are for spider veins. Lasers allow delivery of a precise dosage of energy to each vein, so it is no longer necessary to have painful surgical stripping of veins.

There are various factors that attribute a person to developing spider veins which include weight gain, pregnancy, hereditary and prolonged standing.

At Impressions we do Sclerotherapy in conjunction with our Candela ND Yag laser is an effective way in treating unsightly veins whether on the face or on the legs. Non-surgical options are available which allow immediate return to normal activities! If you’re considering laser vein removal, we invite you to schedule a free consultation.