Laser Hair Removal

LASER HAIR REMOVAL Virginia. If you’re looking for the best place for Laser Hair Removal Virginia, look no more! Impressions Medispa in Vienna Virginia offers top of the line laser hair removal for Vienna, Mclean and Fairfax residents as well as surrounding the DC Area. Laser hair removal  is a relatively new dermatological technology that reduces hair growth. The lasers we use have gone through decades of medical research, have FDA approval, and are completely safe!We use three types of hair removal lasers at Impressions in Vienna, Virginia. You can take advantage of the one that suits you best. Laser Hair Removal Vienna, Virginia lasers include: Candela GentleYag, Alma Harmony, or Lumenis Lightsheer.

If you have dark complexion, we use the Candela GentleYag in Vienna, Virginia laser. If you are of African or East Indian descent, you may have heard that laser hair removal will not work for you. That is simply not true! Yag lasers work best on darkly pigmented skin as there is no threat of darkening or burning your skin’s surface (epidermis).

If it’s pain you’re worried about, choose the Alma Harmony IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser treatment. This laser causes only barely-there discomfort. We’ve seen this laser technology work very well on dark and coarse hairs.

If you’re looking for the best of the best, your choice is the Lumenis Lightsheer laser. The Lumenis is a diode laser engineered to zap hairs and keep them gone longer than any other device.

How It Works

All this sounds fabulous, but now you’re wondering exactly how these lasers work. Without getting too technical, here’s your answer in a nutshell:

Hair removal lasers are specially designed to search out the hair only and send high-frequency light energy to destroy the follicles. A dormant follicle yields no hair growth, and the laser (thankfully!) leaves the skin untouched. The science behind this is known as selective photothermolysis, a fancy way of saying what we just explained. To the naked eye, we see only a beam of light.

Is It Painful?

Though the heat produced by the light is what renders your hair-producing cells useless, our lasers are equipped with a ChillTip for maximum comfort. This special tip reduces the feeling of heat that causes pain, irritation, and discomfort. Topical anesthetics can also be used if the pain is too much. Be sure to ask us for more info if you are sensitive to the laser.

What Does the Treated Area Look Like?

We don’t recommend going from your hair removal appointment directly on a hot date or girl’s night out. Though there is generally not as much pain or redness as waxing, you still may look “sunburned”. Fortunately, this mild redness does not last long. The length of irritation depends on your skin’s sensitivity. Schedule your extracurricular activities 30 to 60 minutes after your Impressions appointment.

Am I a Candidate?

Because we have a variety of lasers at our disposal, we can treat all skin types! The Lumenis Lightsheer has been approved for all skin types, though to prevent any damage each pulse is usually longer and frequencies are set lower for darker skin. For some patients, we recommend a one- to three-week topical skin pre-treatment. This will be discussed during your consultation.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

Depending on your biology and the location, we recommend five to seven treatments over a year to reduce hair growth up to 85%. Because of the growth cycle, we want to time your appointments during most of the follicles’ “active” phase for maximum effect. This means you can plan on coming in consistently every five to eight weeks for facial treatments and four-eight weeks for body treatments.

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The success of your laser hair removal treatments depends on two things: technology and technique. And at Impressions in Vienna, Virginia— we’ve got both! Our Virginia Laser Hair removal office is the best equipment combined with the best experience means you get fewer treatments and better results.

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Pricing 10% off Package Pricing

SINGLE PACKAGE of 7 sessions
Abdomen  $  192.00  $     960.00
Areola  $    84.00  $     420.00
Arms (upper or lower)  $  176.00  $     880.00
Arms (full)  $  264.00  $  1,320.00
Back (upper or lower)  $  192.00  $     960.00
Back (full)  $  336.00  $  1,680.00
Bikini Line  $  160.00  $     725.00
Bikini (Modified or French)  $  228.00  $     925.00
Brazilian Bikini  $  258.00  $  1,090.00
Buttocks  $  258.00  $  1,090.00
Cheeks/Sideburns  $  120.00  $     590.00
Chest  $  192.00  $     960.00
Chest and Abdomen  $  336.00  $  1,680.00
Chin  $    98.00  $     490.00
Ears  $    84.00  $     420.00
Eyebrows (mono and above)  $    84.00  $     420.00
Face (female)  $  192.00  $     960.00
Face (male)  $  228.00  $  1,140.00
Feet  $    60.00  $     300.00
Feet and Toes  $    96.00  $     480.00
Fingers  $    60.00  $     300.00
Hands  $    60.00  $     300.00
Hands and Fingers  $    96.00  $     480.00
Legs (upper or lower)  $  278.00  $  1,390.00
Legs (full)  $  456.00  $  2,180.00
Linea  $    80.00  $     400.00
Lip (upper)  $    75.00  $     390.00
Neck (front or back)  $  132.00  $     660.00
Neck (full)  $  228.00  $  1,100.00
Shoulders  $  138.00  $     840.00
Toes  $    60.00  $     300.00
Underarms  $  158.00  $     770.00

***At Impressions we have 3 Laser Hair Removal Systems including the Alma Harmony, Lumenis Lightsheer Diode (“gold standard”) and Candela GentleYag (Dark Skin Types)

***If there is a body area that is not listed please give us a call for a free consultation and price quote