The best compliments a company can receive is the feedback from their customers. We have received a multitude of them over the years. This has enabled our company to build solid relationships and good rapport with our customers, clients and the communities we serve. The following is a sample of some of the success stories from our customers:

The staff is quite knowledgeable and friendly. They truly care for your well-being. They do not try to upsell you. They look out for your best interest(s). The costs are extremely reasonable. But most importantly, the procedures are quite effective! Even the atmosphere in the reception area and rooms are pleasant, they serve you bottled water or warm tea to comfort you. They will have your skin GLOWING! Must go!!! :)

I went to Impressions Medispa to try there body contouring Accent treatments. The experience was great from the first time I walked in the office. The woman who did my consultant spent a substantial amount of time explaining everything to me and what results I would achieve. In addition, she worked with me to develop a payment plan. When I actually had the treatment done, it was painless and the woman who was administrating the treatment was so friendly and put me right at ease. The staff in general will work with your schedule and really make customer service a top priority. I’ve been achieving great results and at a reasonable price! I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to try any of their procedures.‎

I have been going to Impressions MediSpa for quite awhile and I have been over the top happy with each visit. I have had the pleasure of dealing with Shohreh & Mariam, but I’m sure you can’t go wrong with anyone there. The services that I have received are Restylane & Dysport, I have had several IPL’s and have done one Vi Peel and plan to do another one in the fall. If you give this place a try you will not be disappointed and you will never need to look further for these types of services. This will be your go to spot. Both Shohreh & Mariam are quite gifted. Words cannot describe the difference you will see. I have had the services listed above done before, but the results didn’t even come close to the results I received at Impressions. I mean they were o.k., but I was always willing to try someplace new. Once you visit Impressions you will never want to go any place else. They are a true gem in skin care services and I truly feel very fortunate to have found them and plan to have a long lasting relationship.

Teri M.

I have been going to Impressions MediSpa for over a year now and I can’t say enough about this place! I absolutely love their services from the friendly, personable staff to the expertise in their administration of treatments and the great deals they offer every month.

Shohreh at Impressions is hands down the best injector of fills/botox than any other medispa/plastic surgeon/dermatologist I have ever been to and trust me I shop around for the best deals and best services.

The staff always makes you feel welcome and never judges you or makes you feel stupid if you have a question or want to come back for a touch up. Some places I have been show their true colors after they get to know you and the false facade of really caring quickly wears off, but not at Impressions.

I will always be a loyal customer.

 Paula M.

Impressions is such a lovely place. I’ve been going there trying to defy the aging process. I’ve done a few treatments there for my wrinkles on my face, especially around my eyes. One of them is called the Fractional CO2. It softened the wrinkles I have and made my skin smoother and tighter. I am very impressed with my results. Even some of my friends have asked me if I did something to my face. They can’t believe how much better I look! After the Fractional CO2, I came back for botox & had some filler to give my face some volume & a lift. I’m telling you, I look 10 years younger & have soooo much more confidence. They have this body contouring laser, I think it’s called Accent, so I had my arms & my stomach done. Even though it’s not as drastic as plastic surgery, I think my arms & my stomach look tighter. The ladies that work at Impressions are very nice & super helpful. They make you feel so special & welcomed. I am extremely glad I found this place! You are in good hand there.

Kay B.

I love the results from the Fractional CO2 laser, I have had acne scarring for 15 years. I always tried to cover up my scars with a number of foundations, thick moisturizers and I have tried every skin care product with no luck.  For years I have tried to cover up my scars on my checks by never pulling my hair back and styling my hair so it falls directly over the scars.  One day my sister forwarded me an email from Impressions about a new laser treatment that treats acne scarring and I decided to give them a call. I met with Melissa and she explained the whole process to me and what I should expect. I decided to go for the treatment and I am so HAPPY with my decision.  I cannot believe what I am seeing with my skin in just 8 weeks.  My neighbors, friends, coworkers and family have all noticed my changes in my skin….I am so confident now and I really want to THANK the entire team at Impressions.  I have my confidence back and now I can walk out the house without trying so hard to cover up!

I have had a great experience at Impressions MediSpa. I am currently receiving laser hair removal treatments. During a short consultation, Mariam explained in detail how it worked, how many treatments I would need and what kind of results I could expect. I had always wanted to have laser hair removal done so was ecstatic when I began my treatments, but also a little apprehensive about any pain! However, the treatments are short and I have had very little pain at all, which I was delightfully surprised to find. Mariam and Melissa are very professional but also extremely friendly so I feel completely at ease. The office has a very relaxing atmosphere and I enjoy each of my visits. And the results so far are great! I am very happy with Impressions MediSpa and will recommend them to everyone who is considering laser hair removal. They offer several other services I would like to try as well.‎

I am not usually one to give testimonials but I feel compelled to tell everyone about my wonderful experience at Impressions MediSpa. I first want to thank you and your staff for the exceptional care and results you provided me over the past few months. As you recall, I was very nervous at my initial visit as I had laser hair removal several years ago on my underarms and all I could remember was the pain. I was so relieved when you offered the pain free laser, but I was still skeptical. I vividly remember you telling me, just trust me, this time you will not experience the pain. Wow, I truly did not experience any pain or discomfort. I now want to get laser hair removal all over my body! I know you said it takes about 5 treatments but I can say that I have not used a razor to shave in the last 3 weeks. Amazing!!! My husband has definitely noticed as well and is now always complimenting and touching my now smooth legs. Goodness before, they were too prickly to even touch. I just cannot say enough about my experience and how grateful I am to you and your staff. Your professionalism, friendliness and warm atmosphere has added to this experience.

Thanks you so much Impressions MediSpa!!!

No matter how much I worked out or how much weight I  lost, I always carried my weight around my mid section.  I did Laser Liposuction to reduce my abdomen and I love the results, I have lost 6 inches in 3 months!   Francine

After having 3 children in a course of 5 years, my lower abdomen had a lot of fat and loose skin and my hips seemed to bulge after each pregnancy.  I did not want to do abdominoplasty (because of the large scars, risks and downtime), so I decided on Slim Lipo, I cannot believe how much improvement I see, my abdomen is a lot tighter and my love handles are gone.  Both Dr. Shahzeidi and Shohreh were gentle and had great bed side manner thru the treatment, very pleased with their professionalism. Lauren

I am 5’5 and 138 lbs, I am pretty fit and I work out 5 days a week.  However, I always felt that I had a boyish figure.  I did not have a waist or shape on my bottom, so I decided to try Slim Lipo which my friend had recommended.  I am more than pleased with the outcome, I have a waist and more shape to my behind.  Paola

My double chin is hereditary, I have always carried more weight under my chin even though I am a healthy guy.  After much internet research I came across Slim Lipo and decided to give it a try, when the physician saw me he did tell me that I do carry enough fat to suction for the chin.  Now post 4 months I am very happy with the fat reduction.  My brother has the same problem noticed the results and he is going to do it too.  Michael

My story starts after I got into a skate board accident and had pretty bad scarring on my arm and hip.  After visiting Impressions, I was immediately captured by the knowledge and expertise they had.  That coupled with their personal attention really made me feel I was in the right hands.  I explained to them that I wanted to get rid of the bad scars I had and was recommended for fractional CO2 laser.  Let’s just say, I noticed a huge difference with the very first treatment.  Fast forward, I now just completed my third treatment and the scar is almost completely gone. I do admit, I was a bit worried going into this treatment, but after my consultation, I really felt I was in the right hands.  Sure enough, my procedure went very well.  To me great quality and customer service mean a lot, and this place has it.  I would definitely recommend this place! I have been going to Impressions MediSpa for over a year now and I can’t say enough about this place! I absolutely love their services from the friendly, personable staff to the expertise in their administration of treatments and the great deals they offer every month. Aris

I have been fed up with having such huge arms and tummy for a long time.  Every time I get the courage to workout and start my diet and working regiment, after few short weeks I fall of the track because my goal seems so far away.  Having done the Slim Lipo for my upper arms and tummy I have seen a huge reduction and it has given me the boost to stay on track and do more to be in the best shape of my life.  Gina